Linux Running on Playstation 4 Revealed By Hacker Fail overflow, Playstation Jailbreak Could Actually Boost Sales of the Console!

Due to this, Sony might be quite skeptical about hackers jailbreaking it’s PS4. However, the gaming company can actually benefit from it in the long run. When the jailbreak is finally released, a lot more people will be interested in purchasing it because they will be able to play older, classic as well as pirated games on their console.

CTurt was continually doing a lot of development and hacking on the PlayStation 4 but it was only in December when he finally claimed to have come up with a breakthrough.

The hacker also owns a GitHub page where people can track his progress and also look for a completely functional jailbreak tool. Meanwhile, no one is sure when the completed tool will be released by CTurt but if and when it is released, this tool will take the PS4 market and community by storm, disregarding Sony’s preference for it.

The latest reports have already suggested that a fully functional jailbreak has arrived. What are your thoughts on this jailbreak tool? Would you prefer buying a PlayStation 4 hoping that you can jailbreak it soon? Let us know in your comments below and Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!