Re-Scanning Already Underway for WWE 2K17, Alundra Blayze Confirmed for The Game, Chyna to Be Included in The Roster? Let’s See

WWE 2K17 is going to the next addition to the popular franchise of WWE video games. WWE 2K16 was the last released game of the series which was rolled out back in 2015. Rumors regarding its successor- WWE 2K17 are starting to do rounds on the internet and they suggest that the game might feature some new superstars that have recently made their debut in WWE.

The superstars who were present in the previous game are being scanned once again by 2K Games. Apparently, the company is trying to make the upcoming game better and more accurate than its predecessor.

The detailing level of the superstars in WWE 2K16 was quite high and they were fairly accurate when compared to their real life counterparts. However, it looks like that the superstars in the upcoming game will be even more accurate and detailed.

Rumors have it that 2K Games has already finished the re-scanning of some WWE superstars. The list includes the likes of- Big Show, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus.

The re-scanning of Seth Rollins was quite easy since the superstar is not currently performing in the ring due to an injury. So it was easy for 2K Games to get hold of the superstar for the re-scanning.

The same cannot be said for the other four though who are currently active in the WWE ring. Various reports indicate that Big Show, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and Alberto Del Rio had to miss a Smackdown taping in order to attend the re-scanning process.

It is a known fact that Alberto Del Rio was not included in the roster of 2K16. The reason behind this is that he was not working with WWE at that moment because his misconduct backstage forced the company to fire him. Fans of the superstar were disappointed with the matter, however, they need not fret anymore as Del Rio will be a part of the roster of WWE 2K17.

Two other superstars who are rumored to have been re-scanned for the upcoming agme are Bray Wyatt and Brie Bella.

Former WWE superstar Chyna recently passed away and rumors are doing rounds that she might be included in the upcoming game to honor her memory. Chyna made quite a name for herself during the “Attitude Era” and worked with renowned superstars like Tripe H.

She was also seen going up against male superstars like Jeff Jarret. At one point of time, the renowned late wrestler won the WWE Intercontinental Championship too. Various reports suggest that she might be included in the game from the get-go or she might be incorporated into it in the future through a DLC. It should be noted here that WWE is yet to make a statement regarding the mater.

A number of fans also feel that the upcoming game should feature The Undertaker on its cover. Vine Report states that the “Dead Man” might soon end his career. Apparently, he will be making one final appearance in the WWE ring at the next year’s Wrestle Mania event.

The Undertaker has been a part of the company for a long-long time. He has been one of the major pillars behind the immense success of the company. Till today, the crowd very nearly goes crazy whenever he steps foot into the WWE ring.

The Dead Man has created his own legacy and fans are of the opinion that since he is at the twilight of his career, WWE should honor him by putting him on the cover of the upcoming game. However, yet again WWE has not come forward with any statements regarding the matter as of yet.