Lindsay Lohan: Younger Brother Has His First Brush with the Law, Lohan Creates Zoolander Bitmoji, Endorses Hillary Clinton!

The actress was spotted out for the night in complete black ensemble as she headed to Chiltern Firehouse in London on Saturday. With Zoolandeer 2 around the corner, the actress recently posted a Zoolander bitmoji of herself. She went ahead and made a black and white bit emoji since the bitmoji app matches the hair color and the eyebrows.

Lindsay Lohan has gone back to sporting her natural red hair and she would have had a red eyebrow in that case if she had created a colored bitmoji. She asked anyone who is interested to make a bitmoji with light hair and dark eyebrows.

Lohan has already express her keen interest in running for the Presidential race in the next election, but for now she has extended her support to Hillary Clinton. A few days before the very crucial Nevada caucuses, Lindsay Lohan has gone ahead and endorse the former secretary of state in race to the White House.

Lindsay Lohan not only extended her support to Hillary Clinton, but also posted about it on her Twitter account. She wrote that she couldn’t understand Hillary Clinton more, which has baffled Twitter users all over since they cannot fathom what she means by that.

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