Jaden Smith: Spotted Cozying Up to Girlfriend, Sarah Snyder Dismissed of Theft Charges!

Jaden Smith has a new girl in his life and the two were spotted together at the Opening Ceremony of Fall 2016. The Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder had started dating last year and have been inseparable since then.

The two were even wearing matching nail polish. While Sarah Snyder wore the traditional black nail color to match her black and white ensemble, Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith went for the bright blue.

Jaden Smith had dreadlocks on and was wearing a casual military styled coat with a black jacket and a large t-shirt. Sarah Snyder on the other hand wore a white studded vest and paired it with black pants and a white woolly jacket to beat the New York winter. The two sat in the front row and held each other’s hand and were all lovey-dovey.

The Opening Ceremony of the New York Fashion Week was a grand affair. The theme was futuristic and the atmosphere was warm to beat the New York chill outside. Guest were treated to free Tiger Beer and spicy peanuts before the show began.

The mood at the ceremony was very casual and people were freely roaming around the Pier 90, mingling with other guests. A group of friends even sat in a circle to share leftovers and this led to an impromptu yoga circle being created. It didn’t feel like the occasion was the formal and elite Opening Ceremony.

Jaden Smith has always been one to be different from the crowd and in the rigid ice cold atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony he seemed to be all out to make sure that he showered his love on lady-love Sarah Snyder on Valentine’s Day.

As The Cut reported, Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder aren’t letting the Fashion Week celibacy affect their young love. They snuggled together in the front row and there was a moment when he picked Snyder up and spun her around.

Before posing for a photo, Jaden Smith even adjusted Sarah’s t-shirt and brushed her from her eyes and held hands while they moved through the venue.

The two had been coy in the initial days of their relationship, but they are now going all out to make sure that people know they are a couple. The lovebirds spent Valentine’s Day displaying their affection towards each other while they sat at the front row during the show.

While the two of them have been spotted around the city, this was the couple’s first public appearance ever since Sarah Snyder was charged for stealing a Hermes bad worth $15,995 on 15th June. The poor girl had to appear in court for the hearing until the charges were dismissed at the 10th February hearing in Bedford.

Sarah Snyder took to Instagram to share an open letter to Harper’s Bazaar to state that she has finally been released of the guilt that she was a thief.

She was happy to inform that that the charges against her have been dismissed and that people should know the fact that she hadn’t stolen the bag from Penny Pinches.

She added that she is hopeful that all the negative comments referring to her will now disappear since she has been dismissed of the charge as the court realized that she was in Florida while the theft was reported.