Jaden Smith: Spotted Cozying Up to Girlfriend, Sarah Snyder Dismissed of Theft Charges!

She had been to court over four and even though there were numerous proof to suggest that she hadn’t done it. She had been visiting her father’s home in Florida and had photos, a time stamp on her plane ticket, on her father’s affidavit and there was enough proof even in her phone records and credit card statement.

She said that it has been a bad year for her and it felt like she was having a bad dream that she couldn’t wake up from and she is glad that the things are finally sorted. To drive home the matter, Sarah Snyder had appeared at court with a bright blue Hermes bag.

Jaden Smith had created a huge uproar when he was photographed wearing skirts. Now to make matters more interesting Jaden Smith has been signed in to be the new face of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear.

Even Will Smith has come out to state that Jaden’s dressing sense has shocked them as well. They felt that other parents might not take it lightly that a boy has challenged the code of hetero-normativity and is so comfortable in clothing that is strictly kept for girls.

While Will Smith addresses a very pertinent issue by pointing out his inhibitions, Jaden Smith has come out to show the change that is being accepted. The change towards individuality. However, parents have to be open enough to allow their kids to explore these possibilities without shunning the tendency.

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