Lindsay Lohan: Younger Brother Has His First Brush with the Law, Lohan Creates Zoolander Bitmoji, Endorses Hillary Clinton!

Lindsay Lohan’s younger brother Michael Lohan Jr. has had his share of brush with the law. He had been asked to appear before the court for forging a placard that helped him skip paying parking fees.

Things, however, have turned out well for Michael Lohan Jr. because the court has said that they will remove all the charges if he spent four days on community service.

Michael Lohan Jr.’s defense lawyer Mark Heller told the court that his client had no prior criminal record and this was the first isolated incident. He has previously been a law abiding citizen of the company and hence the court should give him a chance and not prosecute him.

This statement was accepted by public prosecutor Michelle Winters and the judge Guy Mitchell informed Michael Lohan Jr. and he is being let off on the grounds that he devotes four days to community service and also stays away from trouble for the next six months.

Page Six reported that Lindsay Lohan’s younger brother is planning on becoming a real estate agent and the district attorney realized that if they had continued with the trial and had given a verdict that made him come out as guilty then they would have hampered his career.

Mark Heller reported that that none of them wanted to hamper the burgeoning career of the young man and hence created a situation that wouldn’t hamper his licensing for the real estate job. It was further added that the young man had it in him to become one of the finest brokers in the New York City area.

Lindsay Lohan’s brother was first caught by the police back in October when he was spotted with a fake looking sign on his windshield. A state cop noticed the phony placard that read that the car was on official business vehicle identification category while it was parked outside the Gramercy building.

The cops immediately questioned Michael Lohan Jr. and he was arrested when he couldn’t show any official proof that certified that he was indeed working for the state. The police booked him for no payment of parking fee in the metered zone and also for possession of forged papers and impersonation charges.

While this was the first arrest for Lindsay Lohan’s brother, it isn’t so for his elder sister. Lindsay Lohan has had numerous police charges and she almost ruined her career because of it. She was on the path to recovery, but last year she again had a brush with the law that could have made things very difficult for the actress.

Lindsay and sister Ari locked themselves up in the washroom of VBar in Greenwich Village and refuses to come out even when the others kept banging the door. This caused the bartender to step in. When he asked the sisters to come out and they refused to comply he said that he will have to call the cops and this brought out the nasty in Lindsay Lohan.

She hurled racial abuse at the bartender and asked him to head to Ghana and wherever he was from since he didn’t have anything to do in New York. When the actress went on racially abusing the bartender, another visitor stepped in, but was punched by Lohan’s companion.

The sisters and their bunch of friends were asked to leave the bar, but another friend of theirs came in to tackle the bartender and even destroyed an onlooker’s phone when he tried to record the whole episode. The cops were called and they arrested the concerned man, but the bartender didn’t want to press any charges against the actress.