Lindsay Lohan: Working On a New Movie, Urges People to Donate, Lohan’s Step-Mom Detained After Drunken Row!

Lindsay Lohan didn’t pay any heed to the comments that were made and shared another close up selfie of herself stating that love can make a lot of difference in everyone’s life and it should be shared. While Lindsay Lohan seems to be making changes and working on bringing out her positive self, it looks like her stepmother isn’t doing so well.

Kate Major, who is Lindsay Lohan’s father’s partner, was detained by the US authorities after she created a nuisance on an airplane. She was drunk and misbehaved with the flight attendants and the co-passengers.

The airplane even made an emergency stop at New Orleans, Louisiana so that Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother Kate Major could be escorted out of the aircraft. reported that after the aircraft landed, the flight attendants handed over a very drunk Kate Major to the FBI.

Kate Major decided to get treated for her alcoholism when she and Lindsay Lohan’s father lost custody of their little boys. The social workers had got their hands on a tape that showed the couple fighting and they decided that the boys didn’t have a suitable environment to grow up in. They are currently living with Michael Lohan’s mother.

Kate Major signed up at a rehabilitation center last year. Toronto Sun has reported that Kate Major was on her way to L.A to get treated for her alcoholism, when she created the raucous in midair.

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