Lindsay Lohan: Working On a New Movie, Urges People to Donate, Lohan’s Step-Mom Detained After Drunken Row!

Lindsay Lohan had gone completely off the radar for a time now, but The Guardian has reported that the former child star is going to be back in the box office with a new movie. This will be Lindsay Lohan’s first project since 2013.

This news was revealed by the actress herself through her Instagram account. Sheshared a photoof herself with the caption reading that it was the first day of her film and that she would be sharing the details about the character with her fans, soon.

On the third day of the shoot, she again shared a photo with the fans on her Instagram account. She seems to be in her character for the movie and is lying down on a bed covered with white sheets.

The upcoming film that Lindsay Lohan is a part of is called The Shadow White. It is believed to be inspired from the Japanese psychological drama Kage no Kuruma that was directed by director Yoshitarō Nomura. The plot of the original Japanese film revolves around a married man, who feels that his mistress’s son is plotting his murder.

There isn’t any news on exactly what The Shadow White is based on. There are no reports to indicate if the film is an adaptation or if it has been inspired from the original with changes in the main plot. There is also no news about which role Lindsay Lohan will be portraying.

The last film that Lindsay Lohan was part of was called The Canyons. It starred Lohan along with James Deen. The Canyon had enjoyed a lot of publicity since the time of the shoot, but this isn’t the case for The Shadow White.

Lindsay Lohan first made her mark in the movie industry with film Parent Trap. Her co-star from the film, Dennis Quad even went and praised the actor recently. He said that when he first met her, he knew thatshe was a naturaland that acting was something that came naturally to her.

Lindsay Lohan played the role of twin girls in the movie and Quad said that when he watched the movie he forgot that the two girls were played by the same person.Lindsay Lohan had her share of hard times. She had to enter a rehabilitation program and change herself, and it seems like she is on her way to making a change in her life.

However, controversy isn’t something that is easy to keep at bay when you are Lindsay Lohan.Lohan recently shared a photo of Hermes blankets and urged her followers to donate one to the homeless. She also made it clear that it didn’t necessarily have to be a Hermes blanket and could be anything else as long as they went out to those in need.

The photo of the Hermes blankets on display, made a large number of people comment on how there was no point in spending$1,525on a single blanket where they could buy a cheaper variety of blankets and give it to a lot many people.

There were others who commented on how ridiculous Lindsay Lohan’s comment was. They said that the homeless didn’t need blankets in the first place; forget about the ones from Hermes. What they needed were homes and Lindsay Lohan was insensitive to not see that.