LG G5 Features, Specifications, Prices and Add-Ons Discussed, Audio Module Will Work with Other Devices As Well!

LG announced its latest flagship, the LG G5 around a couple of weeks ago. The design of the LG G5 is pretty subjective and the company moving in a certainly different direction, compared to the rest of the industry. LG has introduced the modular marvel and positioned the G5 to become one of the most unique flagships for 2016.

Compared to its predecessor, the G5 is quite different, swapping the plastic for metal. The G5 is also not flashy by any means and comes with a great design and quality approach. The chin of the device can also be unlocked with the battery being revealed and it can be swapped with different modular components for the purpose of future expansion.

The display of the LG G5 is a Quad HD IPS LCD display which comes with great viewing angles and excellent colors as well. The G5 comes with an LED indicator for messages and any other notifications. LG has chosen an always-on display that can show your notifications as well. The screen being on at all times sounds rather taxing, but according to LG, this feature only consumes 0.8% of the battery every hour.

You can also disable it in the display settings in case you do not want or prefer the feature. The repositioning of the volume rocker is one of the more welcome changes in the LG G5. LG has positioned the power button and the volume rocker at the back of the device ever since 2013s LG G2.

This was a great idea since the index finger generally rests in that area but during practical approach, the process was a little trickier. In the latest flagship, LG G5, the volume rocker has been pushed to the side and this makes the device more comfortable and natural when raising or lowering the volume. The power button is located at the back and it serves as a fingerprint sensor as reader.

LG G5’s first modular smartphone stole the show at this year’s MWC 2016 and it is now up for pre-orders in the UK. According to the listing, the region where the smartphone reaches first has been revealed along with the price but LG failed to reveal this in MWC 2016.

According to its listing in Clove, an online retailer in the UK, it is priced at GBP 449.17 which excludes VAT and GBP 539, including VAT. The handset will also be sold unlocked. According to the listing, the smartphone’s shipment will start from April but it is yet to be confirmed by LG.

The LG G5 is being offered in Gold, Silver and Titan colors and LG further announced that the G5 will be launched in India during next quarter. The G5 was launched along with some add-ons or modules called LG Friends and they can all be attached on the G5.

For instance, the LG Cam Plus is a camera module which comes with physical buttons for camera operations and a total battery capacity to 4000mAh.

There is a Hi-Fi Plus module co-developed by Bang & Olufsen and it is a portable Hi-Fi DAC to be used as a standalone portable DAC or enabling 32-bit playback in the LG G5. LG 360 VR, LG 360 CAM, LG Rolling Bot, LG Tone Platinum, H3 by B&O Play, LG Smart Controller, and LG Friends Manager were launched as well.