Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Spoilers Surface Online, Crossover with Supergirl On the Cards, Will Feature a Different Version of Vixen!

Wentworth Miller recently stated that fans might be witnessing budding romance between Leonard Snart and Sara Lance in the upcoming season. Now, it is known that Leonard Snart is dead, however, it should also be kept in line that Barry altered the timeline which will most likely have an effect on everything and everyone in the DC universe.

He also added that he wants Snart to visit Barry’s universe once again and teach him about the things that he has learned by being on the team of Legends. Miller wants Snart to impart knowledge to Barry about redemption.

It is known that the Justice Society of America will be making appearance in the upcoming season of Legends. Rex Tyler who appeared in the finale of season 1 is a member of the group and it has been revealed that the entire group will be seen in action in season 2 of Legends.

Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the show had earlier teased that the upcoming season will feature two separate teams of superheroes. It can be assumed that he was talking about the team of Legends and Hourman and his group- the Justice Society of America.

Alongside Hourman aka Rex Tyler, a female soldier from the era of World War II and a modern day metahuman will also be making appearance on the show.

Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW sometime during the fall.

Stay tuned for more updates on Legends of Tomorrow.