Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors, Speculations and News Involving Possible Development!

Similar to Half Life 3, Valve has been having second thoughts about the release of Left 4 Dead 3. This famous and globally loved multiplayer Zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead 3 might not release, similar to that of Half Life 3.
Like in the case of Half Life 3, the reason here is quite obvious. Gabe Newell and Valve Corporation continue to bring a lot of profits from multiplayer and online games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike along with various other games on its Steam platform.

As a result, it looks like Valve simply isn’t ready to take risks on a game that might never be profitable and instead they want to focus on titles that will be more productive. However, Valve needs to understand that Left 4 Dead is quite similar to other Valve titles like Counter Strike and Dota. Besides mobile gaming, this is where the money lies these days.

As a result, you could say that the chances of Left 4 Dead 3 getting developed and released are higher than that of Half Life 3. This is mainly because Half Life 3 is just a single player title. A report from Latinos Post revealed that Gabe Newell has an estimated net worth of 1 billion dollars and therefore, he is the richest man in the gaming industry right now.

As a result, we simply wonder how much he could possibly lose from games like Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 which is causing him to be so careful about the risks. Are the risks really that high or Valve just doesn’t have any personal interest in making either of these wonderful titles.

The last two video games that were developed and released by Valve were Dota 2 in 2013 and Portal 2 in 2011. The Steam platform has been pretty successful and reports indicate that the next step for the company is to develop a Source 2 Engine and focus on Virtual Reality and its gaming aspects.

Earlier, there were some reports which indicated that a development team from Valve has been working on a VR Program for both the titles, Left 4 Dead and Half Life 3. If that is the case, Gabe Newell and Valve Corporation should not worry about these games being hits in the world, as they will showcase new technology and novel ideas that people will tremendously love.

As a result, there are no possible risks surrounding it. These titles, in VR are bound to bring about a revolution. Either of these titles have a huge fan base or as a result, gamers should be definitely quite happy about VR releases of both these titles.

Sadly, there will be no Turtle Rock Studios even in Left 4 Dead 3 is released. This is because Turtle Rock Studios decided to part ways with Valve in February this year and this was a major disappointment to most gamers and fans alike.

According to Vine Report, the Left 4 Dead franchise might have been axed for good. Valve has been quite silent about the development of this title and reports claim that this game will be using the Source 2 Engine, which would bring about better graphics quality and also better gameplay mechanics.

In case you are not aware, the Left 4 Dead franchise was about four survivors and they had to kill and survive zombies. The reports indicated that the Vulcan Graphics AP in the Valve Source 2 Engine is possibly being used in the development of the upcoming Left 4 Dead title.