Hart Of Dixie: Rachel Bilson Addresses Rumors By Sharing A Photo, Cress Williams To Join Code Black!

The announcement that Hart of Dixie will not be returning for a new season was met with a lot of disappointed. Fans were left wondering what was it that prompted the network from cancelling the popular show. There were rumors that the show didn’t enjoy the kind of TRP the network bosses were expecting and this triggered their decision to take the call to end Hart of Dixie.

This rumor was triggered by Hart of Dixie actress, Jaime King, who told E! Now that the show being cancelled was not because of the show doing badly with the audience, but because the star of Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson was taking a maternity leave to deliver her baby girl and spend time with her family.

King said that the star’s decision to go on leave to take care of her baby is a decision that everyone stands for and there was nothing wrong with Rachel Bilson taking a leave. However, fans realised that with the main character from the popular show leaving it, the creators and the producers did not think that the show could continue without her.

The fans were waiting for Rachel Bilson to speak out about the reason for the show’s cancellation, but there was nothing coming. It looks like she has finally realised that it’s been a long wait and that her fans deserve an answer.

Rachel Bilson has recently joined Instagram and had been updating about her new baby girl Briar Rose, but in a recent post, the actress addressed the issue surrounding the cancellation of the show and she posted an old behind-the-scenes photo from Hart of Dixie.

Rachel tagged her character Zoe Hart and said that she really missed the times and the character and clearly stated that the cancellation of the show was not because of her going on a maternity leave and taking time off.This statement was supported by Mark Pedowitz, the CW president who said that Hart of Dixie was cancelled because the ratings of the show weren’t good and not because of Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy.

Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson has been clocking in a lot of time with her daughter. The actress has been posting a lot of photos of her spending time with her daughter, but she has been careful to keep the baby out of the public eye.

The actress uploads photos that give the followers an insight of what the mother-daughter have been doing without directly photographing her daughter. Rachel Bilson and her beau Hayden Christensen have taken all steps to protect their baby daughter from the eye of the paparazzi.

However, it seems like that Briar Rose might soon be in the public eye because according to Celebrity Baby Scoop, Rachel Bilson recently attended a children’s birthday party with Hayden Christensen and their baby in tow.Bilson was recently spotted walking out of Byron Williams Salon in a pair of blue jeans and matching blue jeans. She had sunglasses on and onlookers have reported that she was with her daughter, who was in the car seat next to her.

With Rachel Bilson clarifying that the reason for Hart of Dixie ending was not because of her decision to quit, fans believe that Jaime King and Scott Porter, her co-stars from the show should apologise to the actress for their comments that stated otherwise.