Hart Of Dixie: Rachel Bilson Addresses Rumors By Sharing A Photo, Cress Williams To Join Code Black!

Master Herald has announced that the makers of Hart of Dixie might think of a spin-off where the characters from the popular series will appear. There are no words about what will happen to Rachel Bilson’s character, but it is believed that her character will be put on hold for a while, at least until she is back from her maternity leave.

Another Hart of Dixie star is making the news. Cress Williams is set to play the role of Marcia Gay Harden’s lover in Code Black. Michael Seitzman told Variety that Williams will appear as a freshman in the medical drama for a permanent role that is going to recur in a quite a few of the episodes.

Cress Williams was contacted by the creative team of Code Black before the pilot episode, but they couldn’t find an appropriate role for him. They later found a suitable role for him and contacted him to come back on board.

He will be playing the head of the residency program, Leanne Harden will be the other head of residency who will be doing the other half of the 24 hour of shift with him. Leanne is going to be a tough competition for Cress and it is possible that the two might even develop a romantic relationship.

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