Half Life 3 Might Never Release but Rumors Suggest Lost Squad Is Coming Soon!

It’s been over a decade since the release of Half Life 2 and people right now are eagerly waiting for the 3rd title. Numerous games and events have come and gone but Half Life 3 still remains a mystery. There have been numerous speculations, some of the wildest rumors and many other facts surrounding this title but no mention, whatsoever, regarding the final possible outcome.

It has been one of the highest rated video games of all time and it has won several awards with the gaming community. Ever since, then, the company has released two different titles, Half Life 2: Episode One and Half Life 2: Episode Two. Since 2007, nothing new has been released in the franchise and people are quite worried and angry about it.

It has one of the biggest fan followings in the entire world and people keep on clamoring for a single hint of its release. Half Life 3 may or may not release in the future and this title is completely shrouded by mystery.

Valve has gained huge amounts of success with various other gameplay titles in the past and that is why it’s a huge mystery as to why aren’t they releasing Half Life 3. What could possibly be so wrong about it? Well, according to the developers, there are many reasons surrounding it.

First of all, Valve has gained huge success and profits from various other franchises through Steam and various other in-game transactions. As a result, financially, it is a much better decision to continually invest in these titles rather than Half Life 3. Games that provide a good social experience are the ones which get the maximum amount of attention.

This has proved over the years. Valve, therefore, notices a greater amount of potential in various games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA. If the reports and whispering rumors are correct, Valve has possibly stepped completely away from the single player aspect.

Gabe already mentioned that the only way they would go back and do a classic is if all the developers at Valve want it and also provide proper reasons to back such a claim. The future of Half Life 3 remains completely uncertain, therefore, it is a mystery as to when they will release it.

According to reports from YouTube channel, The Know, Half Life 3 may not be coming soon. There have been speculations that the game’s plots, specifications and possible features have already been leaked out.

Rumors suggest that the game is currently in the developing stage as we speak. A probable source told The Know that Valve has possibly planned to never reveal the game due to which it has been never been discussed anywhere.

However, reports further indicate that only 10 members are working on this title, which could explain the possible delay of its release. According to Valve, multiplayer games provide a better return for their investment than the single player games.

There are lots of things to show off in multiplayer titles and generally gamers love that. For example, in Dota 2, you have so many heroes and each of the hero items can be customized and changed.

These mostly need to be purchased with real-world cash and mind you, if you play the game with your heart, ignoring some of these items is a pretty difficult task. As a result, gamers end up purchasing new robes and items along with featured look for the heroes they play with. In case of Counter Strike, there are just too many possible skin-packs for that title. Adding a unique look to your gun is something any person would love.