Half Life 3 Might Never Release but Rumors Suggest Lost Squad Is Coming Soon!

If you purchase one of the rarest possible skins, you end up paying a lot but in return, your gun gets to look fantastic. In the meantime, while fans keep endlessly waiting for Half Life 3, game enthusiasts can at least anticipate the release of Lost Squad, which is a fan-made Source Engine RPG that is based on the story which was already established in Half Life 2.

It is being said, that through this game, players will be able to experience something that is beyond the viewpoint of Gordon Freeman. The project is set in the 2007 timeline of Half Life 2: Episode 2 when Barney Calhoun, Gordon’s partner-in-crime wasn’t present. With the help of this game, players can look at familiar events through his eyes.

Rumors suggest that this project is still being developed and it will feature a full co-op mode with many creatures, once it is released. There were recent reports which suggested that Half Life developers might actually be scared about releasing this game.

They have already witnessed gamer reactions when the lives of developers were threatened by gamers in an attempt to force them to give what they want. While, that scum cannot and should never be considered as representatives of the huge gaming community, this is probably the reason why Valve has decided not to release Half Life 3.

Stay tuned for more updates on Half Life 3!