Leaked Images of OnePlus 3 Surface Online, Will Be Unveiled On June 14, Buyers in India Can Purchase the Device Before Its Launch!

The sale of the device will start just a day after its launch, that is from June 15. However, people who will be logging in for the launch event of the device via the VR app of OnePlus will stand a chance to purchase the device before it is made available for everyone.

A number of launch events will be held in different parts of the world which include- New York, London, Paris, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Berlin. Anyone who wishes to be a part of these events will be welcomed by OnePlus. Readers can check out the details regarding these events here.

An auction is being held in India where people will be able to purchase this device before it becomes available in the market. Five OnePlus 3 smartphones will be sold at this auction and the it has been announced by OnePlus that the proceeds from this auction will be donated to any charity that the OnePlus community chooses.

The auction began at 4PM on June 9 and it will continue till June 12th, 3:59:59 PM. The auction is being held at the Droom website and the starting bid for the device was Rupee 1. A link to purchase the device will be sent to the top 5 bidders and they will be delivered the device after the device is launched on June 14.

Stay tuned for more updates on OnePlus 3.