Latest Rumors Regarding Elder Scrolls 6 Speak of a Violent New Continent!

To be honest, the last Elder Scrolls game featured the addition of a new set of weapons. Meantime, reports indicate that Bethesda will completely change the weapons roster for Elder Scrolls 6.  Moreover, the weapons to be released will suit gamers with their different combat techniques. Furthermore, Elder Scrolls 6 will feature new playable classes and also enhance chances of discovering new friends and foes.

For a long time, it was believed that the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 will be featured in Argonia. In Tamriel, there are a lot of wonderful places to be explored after the highly-popular Skyrim. As a result, gamers are expecting that the next game will surpass the grandeur of the fifth installment and could be set in Akavir. It is a violent continent that is located off Tamriel’s eastern coast, around 4000 kilometers away. Akavir serves as the homeland for four different collective races, and they aren’t related to each other. The inhabitants include Snow Demons of Kamal, Tiger Dragons of Ka’Po’Tun, the Monkey People of Tang Mo and the Serpent-Men of Tsaesci.

Would you like it if Elder Scrolls 6 is featured in Akavir? Stay tuned for more updates!