Latest Rumors and Updates On Frozen 2, Elsa to Get Killed? Fans Want Her to Have a Girlfriend in The Movie!

Fans are wondering as to what Disney will do to make Frozen 2 to make it equally, if not even more successful than its predecessor. It could be safely stated that the expectations of fans regarding the movie is quite high and the filmmakers have their task cut out for them to make the movie bigger and better than Frozen.

Chris Buck revealed that he is aware of the success of Frozen. He added that he himself has seen the movie thrice in theaters. He is well aware of the expectations of fans regarding its sequel.

The movie will also be focusing on Elsa and Anna. The characters will have more together-time in the upcoming movie than they had in its predecessor. They will be seen spending more time together in Frozen 2.

Some bits and pieces of rumors suggested that the movie will feature a villainous woman character. Also, Prince Hans will be appearing in Frozen 2 too and some fans are wondering whether Elsa would get romantically involved with Prince Hans.

Frozen 2 will most likely hit the big screen in the oncoming year.

Stay tuned for more updates on Frozen 2.