Latest Features of Adobe Flash Player 17 with 22 Fixed Vulnerabilities, And More Information

Thankfully, you are no longer limited to a small space on your browser and the developers have further added streamlined mouse control. While playing RPG or FPS titles, you will need to make operate your mouse fast along with a rapid control. Meanwhile, Flash Integrated new script tools have been added along with API for superior mouse control. Furthermore, multiple units can be enabled simultaneously. Adobe Flash Player also includes multicore support and makes use of various cores from your computer’s processor.

Presently, quad-core processors are popular on smartphones while Intel has started using hexa-core processor. Meanwhile, one of the flaws has been tracked as CVE-2015-3043 in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Database. It has been known by attackers since before Adobe released the latest software patches. The particular flaw is known as zero-day vulnerability which means a flaw for which was not introduced.

Adobe further released hot fixes for 10 and 11 versions of its ColdFusion Web application development platform. The patches also address input validation issues which can be used to launch XSS attacks. A same kind of vulnerability was also found and fixed in Adobe Flex 4.6, more specifically referred to in the ASdoc Tool component. The users are also advised to download a fixed version of a specific index.html file in order to replace the ones that are currently deployed on their websites.

Stay tuned for more updates on Adobe Flash Player!