Nokia N1 Tablet Review and Its Gradual Distribution To Regions Around The World, More Information

Nokia is presently out of the smartphone game and has no plans whatsoever, to return to it anytime soon. However, the brand licensing of their name and software was possible and ultimately led to the creation of the Nokia N1 tablet, an Android-based device manufactured by Foxconn and running Nokia’s latest Z launcher. Besides the Nokia branding, there are many other features that the Android tablet has to offer. People wish to see whether it has enough to become a viable alternative to the present crop of devices flooding the tablet market. Referring to the design and build quality, the Nokia N1 Tablet can easily compete with the finest of all devices.

It features an aluminum unibody design along with a surface anodization. The device also offers a solid, premium feel in your hand. The rear portion is smooth and can be described as providing the feel of a premium-designed metal sheet. Furthermore, the tapered edges lead to a nice rounded look and contribute to the handling and grip experience. If you look around the device, you will notice the standard layout of ports and buttons.

Located at the top are mic, headphone jack and power buttons with the volume rocker located on the right side. It also comes with dual mono speakers that are located at the bottom of the device which flank the USB-C port. The buttons also provide a solid tactile feel with a decent travel option with further prevention of any unwanted presses. The front portion of the device features a 7.9inches display with a 5-megapixel front camera with fixed-focus located right above it. The rear portion of the device doesn’t feature any blemishes or contours with only a rear camera that is tucked away in the corner.

With a 7.9inch IPS LCD display, the N1 has a display resolution of 20148×1536 pixels with a 4:3 display ratio and 324ppi pixel density. The device comes with a backlit panel and a fully-laminated zero air-gap display. It allows for a great display experience. Furthermore, the device is kept scratch free with the help Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Like most high-end Nokia Lumia smartphones, the display of this device looks awesome thanks to the IPS technology providing fantastic viewing angles.