Latest Boom Beach Update With New Enemies And New Weapons, Mobile Version Released!

In the recent Boom Beach update the game now supports Arabic language as well. The developers of this game have put in some large chunk of time to work on the bugs that the game previously had. The bugs have been fixed in this patch and it is something that the players have been waiting for a very long time.

The mobile version for Android and iOS was rolled out on 6th May and it is officially titled The Temple of Doom Cannons.  This update provides users with a completely different gaming experience on their mobile handsets.

The other changes noted after the update include the reduction of time for Ice Statue boost. It was originally 10 hours, but post the update it has reduced by 2 hours. This is not all, Scorcher and Flamethrower burn damage is more than it has ever been. There has been a significant increase in the amount of damage incurred by the above mentioned two. Players have also reported that there is less of camera shake every time there is an explosion made by a grenadier.

With all these changes looks like Boom Beach players will have a good time playing the updated game.

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