Dota 2: Dota 2 Qualifiers Announced, New Film Contest!

We know the excitement that happens among football fans when the Super Bowl is going on and it is the same kind of excitement that happens among gamers when it is The International. The International is the annual gaming event organised by Valve’s online gaming tournament called Dota and it is going to be the second year this time.

No one had ever thought that the event is going to garner much excitement among those who are not gaming enthusiasts, but the buzz online helped the game transcend its status and it has even been featured in the front page of the New York Times.

The main reason for the entire buzz surrounding Dota 2 is the prize money. If last year’s $11 million had shocked people, what would they say to the $15 million this year? If you have recovered from your shock and are able read further, here’s what happens.

The players gather at the main venue in Seattle, where they play games and fight each other out for the prize money. Then it is lights off and the players heading out to their respective homes until the next gaming tournament brings them out of their cubby-hole.

Yes, Valve’s Dota 2 annual competition blinds every other gaming tournament in sight, but everything is not right with it and the mess surrounding the Dota 2 professional players have made mane unhappy.

David ‘LD’ Gorman, the commentator for Dota 2 and Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanova, the captain of Team Secret have said that they love Dota 2 and The International, but they aren’t happy with the way things are handled in between the two annual games.

Valve has made itself responsible only for the annual games, which means that the gap is filled with sponsor driven games that players have to part of. This usually involves house parties and LAN events.