Latest Boom Beach Update With New Enemies And New Weapons, Mobile Version Released!

Boom Beach players have good news waiting for them- it is the new update. Finally the much awaited update of Boom Beach has been rolled out by Supercell. The new patch allows players the access to an array of new features to choose from and also fixes the issues that the game initially had.

We had seen sneak-peek posts on the Facebook page of the game which told its fans the things that should be looking forward to in Boom Beach. Things were not very clear until now when the patch is finally out and the players can download and use it in the game.

The update has seen a new enemy come to attack the player, named Colonel Gearheart. This is not all and the player is also attacked by Hammerman. The other significant change in the game is that now players can play daily challenges which are available for 21 hours from 6am in the morning to 3am in the night. The reward boat of VP will now be seen coming at the beginning of the daily challenge.

The additions to the game is just not limited to the enemies. With new enemies coming your way Boom Beach makers have also given new weapons to fight with. The weapon lab named Prototype can be unlocked after reaching HQ 15.

The player henceforth will be equipped with Gunboat which can help them destroy and distract their enemies. There are two new operations that rolled out with this Boom Beach update, which are quite challenging and will interest avid players. The update will also see land and sea turtles around the place.

The game has overall had a face lift when it comes to graphics. The whole experience has been improved where the player is given better graphics. The other noted improvement is the ease of doing things in the game. The player can now do things like change his name and relocate his base with more ease and grace than what it was earlier.