Latest Boom Beach Update Includes New Visuals and a Victory Screen, Featuring a More Challenging Gameplay, Details Here

Players can use this intelligence to attack other bases.  The 24th April update also introduces some re-balancing features that could prove difficult for some gamers. With this new feature, the player’s defensive statue boost time has been reduced to a great extent. Meanwhile, the freed Kual villages will produce less gold while player base resources are now smaller. In brief, the game is now more challenging and difficult for the amateur mobile gamers.

Supercell further explained that their main motive behind introducing this feature is to restore the balance in the in-game economy of Boom Beach. Meanwhile, Boom Beach players are already aware that a successful attack on an enemy base produces some plundered loot. However, right now there is a Bonus Loot system with a minimum baseline reward that is meant to make sure that the attackers always get a bounty from a raid. Thankfully for the defendant, the bonus loot doesn’t come out of their personal coffers. Instead, it is generated from thin air.

Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are two very different games, featuring the same gameplay idea, from two unique angles. Both games have their respective fan following but Clash of Clans undoubtedly has a bigger community of ‘Clashers’. Gamers who enjoy collecting loot and upgrading their bases will definitely love the loot system in Clash of Clans. At the same time, if you wish to be more strategic with your assaults on an enemy base, go for Boom Beach.

Stay tuned for more updates on Boom Beach!