Latest Boom Beach Update Includes New Visuals and a Victory Screen, Featuring a More Challenging Gameplay, Details Here

Right now, Boom Beach is one of the most popular games designed for Android and iOS devices. The game has taken on new updates from the morning of 24th April and developer Supercell is referring to this as the ‘new hope for victory screen enthusiasts’. With the latest updates, there are some major improvements and some new additions to the visuals of the game including new unit models. Furthermore, there are extra animations, improved legibility, a victory screen, and a few info-screen pop-ups, according to Touch Arcade.

The patch also included housekeeping notes and was released with ‘basic bug fixes’ and optimizations to Boom Beach. This is an expected update, typical during the launching of a new mobile game which allows developers to impose their will on gamers while indirectly informing that they are serving gamer needs. Boom Beach is a strategy game that combines attacks on various players along with attacks on computer-based bases.

The game is set on a tropical archipelago with the gamer situated on an island with troops and deference. The gameplay is a bit similar to Supercell’s massively famous mobile video game title, known as ‘Clash of Clans’. Players have the ability to build their bases, put up buildings, upgrade their defenses and unlock various troop upgrades. It also includes a single-player campaign along with the ability to attack other players in the multiplayer mode.

Boom Beach is an impressive mobile game title that has been widely received among gamers all over the world. It is a top 10 game among 22 different countries after its launch in March last year. The game pits the players against an enemy with the name “The Blackguard” and is often represented by Lt. Hammerman. Along with the primary aspect of this game, Boom Beach also introduces a co-operative gameplay where gamers can gather Intel by ordering or surviving attacks or by gaining rewards.