Lady Gaga And Evan Peters Will Return In American Horror Story Season 6, Will Sarah Paulson Return As Well? Let’s See

Therefore, there isn’t really a lot that she can’t do. Speculations suggest that the next season of American Horror Story will build upon the AHS mythology.

In other news, Deadline reports that Evan Peters couldn’t believe his luck on being cast for yet another season. Evan Peters’ return to this show has become a lot more exciting after reports confirmed that Lady Gaga will be returning as well.

She played Evan Peters’ wife in the last season of American Horror Story.  Fans of American Horror Story will be interested to know more about Lady Gaga and Evan Peters in season 6, due to their unusual relationship. Reports indicate that Evan Peters will be really happy and proud to be a part of American Horror Story Season 6. The 29-year old actor knows that his return in season 6 would not have been possible if Ryan Murphy didn’t have faith in him.

Evan Peters said that when it came to the show, Ryan was always very giving and always asked him to portray amazing roles. Evan also said that he learned a lot from co-star Lady Gaga. This is certainly a big deal since acting is a very new thing for her.

Stay tuned for more updates on American Horror Story Season 6!