Apple Macbook Air Compared To HP Spectre, Will Apple Launch The Macbook Air 2016? Let’s See

When the Macbook Air was updated back in March 2015, people were convinced that we were about to see a Retina display in the new MacBook. However, a new, highly thin, MacBook Air was launched. It offered a display with a great resolution, but it didn’t include the Retina display that some people were expecting.

The 2016 update introduced more RAM in the device. In 2017, a new Macbook Air could be released with brand new features or Apple could be simply phasing out their Macbook Air line of products. A special event was hosted by Apple on 21st March 2016. People were expecting new MacBook Air and other Macbook models to be launched during this event.

Sadly, Apple decided to unveil the iPhone SE and the new 9.7inch display Apple iPad Pro. However, rumours regarding the Macbook Air continued even though the 21st March event didn’t unveil any new ones. On 19th April 2016, Apple updated their MacBook Air lineup, but the update was simply underwhelming. The MacBook was available in a Rose Gold option and included a power boost feature.

Meanwhile, the 13inch MacBook Air received a standard 8GB onboard memory option. Is it possible that Apple is losing its interest in the Air lineup? According to the latest speculations, Apple could stop producing the 11inch MacBook Air and discontinue the 13inch the model production as well.

Meanwhile, with the iPad Pro received a 9.7inch display; it is possible that another iPad Air 3 won’t be released. Considering the fact that the new MacBook is lighter and thinner, it seems only fit that Apple will decide to phase out the Air lineup.

In the meantime, HP began selling the Spectre earlier this month, and it is being called ‘the world’s thinnest laptop’ by the company. It is 0.41inch thick but what’s more impressive is that it doesn’t compromise on processing power, like the latest Apple Macbook.

HP makers have completely focused on making their laptop more effective and innovative than Apple’s. The Macbook is, in fact, 0.1inches fatter than the HP Spectre, powered by Windows 10.

This doesn’t mean anything to the naked eye, but if you are really hardcore about slimness, it will be definitely noticed. Like many thin products, you will need to make certain compromises and sacrifices. This is exactly the case for both MacBook and Spectre. Meanwhile, ports are vital in Laptops.

The Macbook has just one port besides the headphone jack. Also, this is the not the kind of USB ports that you are used to. Instead, it is a USB Type-C port that can be used for charging the laptop while attaching peripherals.

This includes an external display as well. The port is uncommon, so you can’t do most of the common stuff like connecting your iPhone using a normal USB port. Moreover, a single port cannot be considered enough by most users.

People who want the luxury of more ports will prefer using a USB hub. Apple should learn a lesson from HP when it comes to USB ports.

The HP Spectre is incredibly thin but it includes the presence of three USB Type-C ports, and two of them are capable of handling more power than the MacBooks. Moreover, if you buy the HP Spectre from Best Buy, you will find a USB Type-C to regular USB adapter, included in the box. The Spectre and MacBook are basically just screen and keyboard.