Apple Macbook Air Compared To HP Spectre, Will Apple Launch The Macbook Air 2016? Let’s See

The MacBook is sturdier and more attractive, but the keyboard doesn’t look too ergonomic or useful. The keys were in fact chopped off to provide a razor-thin underside.

It was further redesigned by a mechanism which recreates the bounce and feedback of standard keys. However, after a short time, your hands will get used to it, so this is not a deal breaker.

The trackpad in the MacBook is pretty significant and useful. In the case of the HP Spectre, the keyboard feels right at home, but the trackpad comes with a lot of issues. According to HP, it is working on a new software update to fix all these problems.

Meanwhile, contradicting reports regarding the Macbook Air 2016 suggest that this lineup will be cancelled and replaced by the iPad Pro. Latest speculations indicate that a new, updated MacBook Air, will be released next month. Mac Okatara, a famous Japanese tech publication reported that Macbook Air will be launched this month.

Apple will have a separate press event where this new laptop will be announced. The publication further declared that the new version will be available on store shelves by August. In April, the 12 inch MacBook Pro was revealed through a press release. The same can happen for the upcoming MacBook Air. Reports suggest that the upcoming MacBook Pro will include a surprising enhancement.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple Macbook Air 2016!