Kingdom Hearts 3 Not Coming Out Before 31St March 2016, Japanese Version Release Due This November, And More

The fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 have to wait for at least another year before they can get their hands on the much-awaited game. The company made a formal announcement of the game at E3, back in 2013. Ever since then gamers have been eagerly awaiting the game.

A lot of people believed that the gamers will get to play Kingdom Hearts 3 on their consoles by the end of 2015, but the company’s announcement that it is not coming out any time before 31st March 2016, has disappointed all.

Dual Shockers have reported that Square Enix has released a list of all the games, which will be released this year. It was a sorry sight for all the fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 when they saw that the game did not make it to the list this year.

Games like Final Fantasy XV, which were announced way back at E3 in 2006, were expected in 2015. Hence, it was shocking to see that Kingdom Hearts 3 could not make it to the list this year!

Reports suggest that the makers will need another year to develop the game. 60 percent of the work has been done, but to finish the last 40 percent of the work, the company will take close to a year before they are ready to launch the game!

These reports and rumors make it very clear that Kingdom Hearts 3 has no way to hit the market before 31st March, 2016. The current pace at which the work is progressing does not inspire confidence! The game is unlikely to make its way to the shelves until the latter part of the upcoming year.

Additional speculations suggest that Kingdom Hearts 3 will witness the inclusion of Disney characters in the upcoming volume. Various sources have hinted at different names, but nothing is confirmed as of this moment because the two powerhouses, Disney and Square Enix, have decided to be tight-lipped about this development.

Experts suggest that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed smoothly and will be available to the gamers very soon.

With Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck having already featured in the previous installments of the game, it will be exciting to see whether the characters return in the next episode. In the previous edition of the game, the three were seen joining the main protagonist, Sora. The Disney characters joined Sora in his quest.