GoPro Hero 5 Will Feature 8K Recording, 3D, and Bluetooth Support, Expected to Release This Fall, More Details

GoPro Hero 5 could be released quite soon, and some of the most dominant rumors suggest that the device will support 8K, capable of recording videos at 8K quality and video resolution. The rumor appears to be quite credible because it was reported and repeated by multiple sources.

If this happens, it will be quite a major leap over the 4K resolution standard. Furthermore, in light of the events where the company has been steadily evolving the product, an improvement like this is not at all impossible.

However, right now we are experiencing more serious claims regarding the device that could certainly have major implications for its upcoming release.

The latest rumors suggest that the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 will support 3D video recording and will dramatically improve the user experience when it comes to capturing the most adrenaline-filled, extreme moments. Right now, it is still in the rumor stage without any confirmation.

However, if it turns out to be true, it will be one of the most interesting features of the new camera. The same rumor source also suggests that the camera will have a 3840×2160 resolution and will be able to record at 60 frames per second. If these features are combined, it will lead to a feature-packed camera, and it will beat many other devices in the same price bracket. Funnily enough, GoPro doesn’t face much competition either.

Currently, we are not aware as to when GoPro Hero 5 will be reaching the market. Some reports suggest that the device will be released in October 2015 while others claim that it will have to face a certain delay.

If the device is further delayed, the release date will be pushed back to 2016, without any specific month or release date. If this rumor is true, the wait could be long and conflicting with earlier reports that suggested a release in the fall season.

We can only hope that the company manages to clear all problems that they might have faced during the production stage. There is a lot of anticipation building up over the release of this device.

People just wish to get their hands on this camera and explore all its new features and specifications, especially the high resolution and the smoother frame rate. On top of that, the 3D recording capability rumors have increased the rumors even more, and people are simply waiting to get a glimpse of this wonderful device.