Gran Turismo 7: Expected to Release within Two Years, Trailer to be Out Soon, And More

Gran Turismo 7 is expected to be released in about two years’ time, but the trailer is anticipated to be released soon. Reports suggest that it is going to be a high-quality game in terms of data and features than its predecessor, which has rippled excitement amongst its fans.

GT7 is a game that gets better with experience. Yamauchi, the creator of the game, said that his team of developers and planners have tried to include all the things that they had thought for GT6 and some more in, Gran Turismo 7.

The creators have tried to ensure the reality content to the maximum by making the game as contemporary as possible. Gran Turismo 7 is going to be very similar to the era the players live in, and this is going to heighten the gameplay experience.

GT has had a constant model for cars since 4th edition that will be continued even in the 7th edition. However, some of these popular models of cars will be featured in Premium car list. Since GT intends to increase the total count of Premium cars.

One of the biggest speculations that have gone abuzz among the fans is that the developers have looked at the Isle of Man’s renowned Mountain Course, as this is going to be one of the primary racing circuits in the upcoming GT7.

Good news for PS4 gamers! A special deal has been promised in GT7 by the developer, Polyphony Digital. PlayStation 3 had marred the gaming experience of GT6, which lead to hampering the reception of the same. This was mainly because of the smaller install base in the previous edition game console as compared to PS2 and PS. GT7 is set to rectify as it makes its entry in style into PS4.

The former audio director for the Forza Motorsport racing series, Mike Caviezel, is now working on Gran Turismo, and this builds up the anticipation for the game even more. Caviezel has 18 solid years of experience in the audio industry, and the Forza Motorsport racing series has been in a dominating position over the years, thanks to its audio clarity. Thus, increasing the excitement level to all new high!

That being said, the game is also expected to have an extensive deal of licensed cars and will give players a magnificently elaborate racing experience! An enhanced audio will boost the gaming experience when handling the new car additions to the roster.