Kingdom Hearts 3: No Release Date Yet, Available In PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, More Details

Disney has recently acquired the movie franchise of Star Wars and Marvel and Kingdom Hearts 3 co-creator Tai Yasue has said that there is a possibility of the Star Wars universe making a foray into the world of the upcoming Kingdom of Hearts.

Yasue has revealed in an interview that they are looking to adding variety in the world of Kingdom Hearts and are thinking of introducing other game worlds into the game-play. There’s nothing specific yet, but there are plans for using the Star Wars universe.

Fans believe that even if Square Enix doesn’t include the characters from Star Wars and Marvel universe, the weapons used in those two worlds might be introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3. In that case, players will be able to have Sora use the light saber while Goofy can be given an added defence boost with the help of Captain America’s shield.

The latest news from the world of gaming is that the creators of Kingdom Hearts 3 were not very happy with the product and are fine tuning it to meet the latest technological standards. Yes, fans are getting impatient since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released way back in 2005, but the game needs to be perfect before it’s released.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will become the first game to be released in both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One gaming soles at the same time.