Kingdom Hearts 3 Delayed Again, Unlikely to Hit the Market Before 2017!

In other news, it was reported that a Zootopia world might be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. Zootopia is an animated Disney movie that was released in the recent past. The rumors have become stronger when it was seen that Square Enix added Zootopia medals to another Kingdom Hearts game- Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

These medals were recently added to the game in Japan. Fans of Kingdom Hearts unchained X need not fret as it has been confirmed that the said medals will be added to the game in other parts of the country on May 2.

This has been fueling rumors about its inclusion in the upcoming game. It has also given confirmation to the fact that Zootopia is indeed being included in the Kingdom Hearts Universe.Though there has been no confirmation in this regard, fans are still hopeful for this world to show up in the game.

Some of the worlds that have been confirmed for the game include- Twilight Town, Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, Mt Olympus from Hercules, Mysterious Tower and San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6.

As for the characters, confirmation has been received that the game will feature Cloud Strife and Goofy. Steve Burton is and Bill Farmer are the voices behind Cloud and Goofy respectively and both of them has confirmed that the characters will indeed be in the game.

Stay tuned for more update on Kingdom Hearts 3.