Fans Hope for the Pairing of Ofelia and Alicia in Fear The Walking Dead!

The latest report that is coming from Fear the Walking Dead series is that fans want to see Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) have a relationship. The viewers might be aware of Nick (Frank Dillane) and Ofelia becoming close, but the general sentiment is that Ofelia should be with Nick’s sister, Alicia.

Mercedes Mason was recently at the Entertainment Weekly Radio where she heard about the fans wanting her to be paired with Alicia and she joked about how the fans are dividing her up between the Clark siblings. She said that there have been some scenes between Ofelia and Alicia that had been cut out of the final episode.

However, these cut scenes from Fear the Walking Dead have been released online and the fans seem to have seen them and have hence been talking about the chemistry that the two of them share. Design & Trend reported that Mercedes Mason isn’t aware why the cut scenes have suddenly been released online and if there is some thought on diverting storyline to include the romance between Ofelia and Alicia.

When Mercedes Mason was asked what she thinks of this sudden desire to see the two girls being paired together, she said that if she had to pick who Ofelia would end up with, she would definitely choose Alicia. Even though she is a little young and there is a sisterly relationship between them, there is a lot of scope in the story in Fear the Walking Dead if Alicia is the one Ofelia ends up with.

Mason went on to state that Ofelia’s pairing with Alicia will throw light on the character of Ofelia and help the viewers know more about her. It would completely change how the viewers have seen Ofelia so far and bring to perspective her interaction with the commander guy and she had tried to lure him. The viewers will also understand that Ofelia would go ahead with Alicia for the sake of manipulation and this will give the whole plot a new perspective.

She also added that a romance with Alycia Debnam-Carey will also be a new move on the part of her career. Mason might be keen on the Ofelia-Alicia pairing, but she went on to add that Ofelia’s paring with Nick in Fear the Walking Dead will also make sense. Nick and Ofelia are very similar and this is the main reason for their bonding.

Nick has been struggling with his drug addiction that has completely changed his worldview, while Ofelia has been emotionally stunted because of her parents. The two of them have a very innocent idea of the world, which brings them together in the darkness that they are surrounded in.

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