Kingdom Hearts 3 Could Feature 3 Playable Characters, a World Diversification and Addition of New Stuff Feels Mandatory!

It was said that Kingdom Hearts 3 would feature three different characters. During a recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix was asked by GamesTM whether they are following a certain pattern when it comes to determining the number of playable characters in the game itself.

The first Kingdom Hearts had one, the second Kingdom Hearts title had two and therefore, considering that, the third Kingdom Hearts title should have three. When it came to answering this question, Nomura appeared a bit coy. He told GamesTM, “It’s a secret but by saying that we imply that, maybe something’s going on.

We can’t disclose anything but, maybe, something will happen there.” From the looks of it, he is not ready to spill the beans on this particular topic or talk about any characters to be included as such. However, he did talk about the gameplay options.

Nomura said, “There have been many bold additions to Kingdom Hearts 3 in combat and those are only possible because we have access to the better hardware but it hasn’t necessarily been things I couldn’t have done then.

It’s more that I learned from the experiments of the spin-offs.” Meanwhile, one of the newest elements that can be expected in this game is the Keyblade Transformation from Sora.

He further hinted that this new feature is absolutely perfect for the game’s plot and it talks more about Sora’s new levels of skills and mastery. Meanwhile, there is also a new rumor making rounds that ‘The Jungle Book’ will be one of the worlds that will come to Kingdom Hearts 3.

This is mainly because Mowgli’s beloved tale was the central theme in the cancelled TV series that was based on Kingdom Hearts 3. Kevin Munroe shared a photo of the script of the program’s first episode which was titled, ‘Man’s Red Fire’’. The title is further mentioned in The Jungle Book’s song ‘I Wanna Be Like You”.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated releases of this console generation. Therefore, there are many things which PS4 and Xbox One need to do, in order to avoid disappointing any fans. There are five must-haves which must be present in Sora’s next adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced in 2013 but fans were really disappointed because of the game not having a release date. According to all indications, the game is not coming out this year either. Square Enix has probably decided to put most of its promotional energy behind Final Fantasy XV in 2016.

There is also Kingdom Hearts 2.8 inside the horizon in order to fill the gap as a PS4 holiday game. Therefore, there is no reason why a new Kingdom Hearts 3 game should be released soon.

Meanwhile, the fans are quite impatient and they expect 2017 to be the latest within which Kingdom Hearts 3 should be released. It’s not nice to keep the fans waiting because it is actually a nasty recipe to start losing them over time.

The worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 are actually based on various Disney-themed worlds and exploring these worlds is the most interesting part of the game. Therefore, the list of worlds which Square Enix and Disney decide to use should be interesting, varied and certainly vibrant. This means that there should be a level of representation that should please fans to a great extent.