Kim Kardashian is a Major Turn-On with Her Pregnancy Selfie, Her Media Posts for Morning-Sickness Pill Conflicts with Canadian Ban, And More

In the meantime, prescribing Diclectin has been stopped by Dr. Nav Persaud, a family physician in Toronto as he is not at all convinced about this drug’s safety and ultimate effective nature. Duchesnay Inc. is the Quebec based manufacturer of Diclectin is responsible for marketing the drug.

A spokeswoman declared in email that the company takes its regulatory responsibilities quite seriously. She further declared that it needs to be in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations involving social media.

In the meantime, Kim Kardashian is afraid that Kylie Jenner might dethrone her as a sex symbol. However, her loving husband, Kanye West has reportedly insisted that Kylie will never be as sexy as Kim, no matter how hard she tries. Kim Kardashian is admittedly quite jealous about the 18 year old Kylie Jenner being in the spotlight, with her jaw dropping curves and cleavage.

From the looks of it, Kanye is an incredibly loving and supporting husband who thinks the world of Kim Kardashian and considers her to be the sexiest woman alive. How cute is that! He is aware of the fact that Kim can feel insecure when she is pregnant, especially with all the attention that Kylie is getting right now.

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