Clash of Clans Tips and Strategy Guides for All-Round Success, More Details

If you love strategy games, Clash of Clans is one game that you will definitely enjoy. It is available for both Android and IOS players all over the world. One of the best features about this game is that you never know whom you are going to attack next. The game is of a highly competitive nature and everything is online. In case you don’t like attacking other players, this isn’t the game for you.

Clash of Clans developers have been working a lot since the past few months and it was clear from their latest update which introduced a ton of new features. There are new leagues for high level players, new Dark Spells for you to wreak some more havoc, a ‘level 5’ dragon and much more.

With so many updates being released at regular intervals of time, Clashers will always remain interested in this game. Even as I write, there are a lot of players all around the world, installing Clash of Clans and getting ready to attack some enemy villages. However, like every strategy game, you need to follow a guide and go through some tips and tricks to ensure a superior level of gameplay. Firstly, you should never upgrade your Town Hall too fast.

A rushed base is never good. You will end up getting attacked from opponents that you are not ready to face and at the same time, you will start losing raids as your troops are not upgraded enough. The most important things in Clash of Clans are resources. They are highly necessary for you in order to make any progress in the game.

Sadly, the more resources that you have in your village, a greater portion of it will be available to the players who are attacking you. The player who is attacking you will be able to take a percentage of your resources which depends on certain parameters.

As a result, in order to avoid your hard earned Elixir, Gold or Dark Elixir from getting stolen, better keep a builder free and spend generous amounts of it on essential upgrades. A great thing you can do in order to save elixir is by depositing them.

Wall breakers can cost up to 3500 for one and after your training camps are full, you can fill all the training spots with wall breakers before you log off. After you return, cancel it all and you will get your elixir back. At the same time, attackers raiding your village will get lesser amount of elixir than they could have gotten before your deposit. As soon you enter this game, joining a clan is absolutely essential and tremendously vital.

You must fix your broken clan castle and soon after that, join a clan! You will get to make new friends and at the same time, take part in Clan Wars and gain loot in the process. Furthermore, your clan mates will be able to send you troops which you can then use in raids and Clan Wars.

Winning clan wars can easily win you gold and elixir and this is absolutely necessary when you are trying to build your base, upgrade your defenses and make sure your base is good enough. As if you have noticed in many villages, the town hall is placed outside or in an easily accessible location.