Kim Kardashian is a Major Turn-On with Her Pregnancy Selfie, Her Media Posts for Morning-Sickness Pill Conflicts with Canadian Ban, And More

In her latest mind-blowing selfie, Kim Kardashian clearly reveals the beauty of having a baby on board. In soft light, you can clearly notice are awesome curves being more pronounced and there certainly more contours for you to gloat at. Her body is a reminder of the Renaissance era women where women painted nude by artists usually featured stomach bulges.

This caused historians later to wonder whether or not they were actually pregnant. Van Eyck’s Eve and Raphael’s La Fornarina can be noticed with their stomach bulges and wonderfully, those bulges are in fact a part of their beautiful sensuality, whether or not they are pregnant.

Well, to be true, body shapes in those days had a more succulent and voluptuous flavor than that of today. In the most misogynist era ever, today beauty is specifically defined by a woman being thin and thinner. Rubens paintings with all those fat women were not even commented upon in a similar manner but their rich, ample and curvy rampant body is amazingly sexy.

The most beautiful women in art are Titian’s Venus of Urbino, but she would have been considered a plump woman if not for the fact that she was wonderfully pregnant.  From Titian’s paintings, you will clearly understand that he was a lover of women with considerable thighs and arms along with plenty of golden flesh.

You will notice how he painted pregnancy as a beautiful metamorphosis in Diana and Callisto. Well, if Titian saw Kardashian’s current selfie, he would most certainly be amazed. People these days have clearly forgotten of the ways in which beauty needs to be admired and Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie is a tremendous slap on their pretentious faces.

The nasty disciplinary mentality which exists today is certainly a dark force that obstructs the true power of nudity. It seems that Kim Kardashian currently loves her body and she is definitely bringing back the liberating, happy openness of the baroque and Renaissance art. Although she is criticized in many ways, her latest selfie is clearly artistic, original and brave.

In other news, certain drug promotion questions were raised when social media posts were made by TV Reality Star Kim Kardashian about a Canadian pharmaceutical company’s morning sickness treatment.

Kim Kardashian posted on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about how she used a prescription drug to treat morning sickness which helped her overcome pregnancy nausea. She also posted a photo showing her holding a bottle of Diclegis through a paid endorsement.

The caption which has now been deleted read, “I felt a lot better and most importantly, it’s been studied and there was no increased risk to the baby”. The post was further linked to a company website which has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved labelling information. However, they clearly violated certain U.S Drug Promotion rules as they don’t mention any of the side effects and drug interactions associated with it.

In the meantime, Direct-to-Consumer ads for various prescription drugs are prohibited under the regulation and rules involving drugs in Canada. Health law Prof. Timothy Caufield of the University of Alberta said from Helsinki this social media strategy by Kim Kardashian clearly conflicts with the ban in Canada.

Health Canada was asked by CDC News about what kind of actions they were willing to take regarding the promotion of this drug by Kim Kardashian. A response in email by a spokesperson of Health Canada read, “Health Canada has contacted the manufacturer of Diclectin, also known as Diclegis in the United States, and directed the company to refrain from engaging in subsequent advertising practices of a similar nature”.