Clash of Clans Tips and Strategy Guides for All-Round Success, More Details

When you keep it outside, you can keep it within range of a mortar or archer tower just since there are many who will search for bases with town halls outside, with their army camps having just 5 archers. If this person makes the mistake of deploying those archers, they are bound to fall within mortar or archer tower range and boom!

Free trophies for you! At the same time, this reduces your chance of getting a shield fast.  People who are looking for easy trophies will target your village; destroy your town hall and leave. In return, you get a great deal of shield time.

Builders are essential and you need some of them for faster and quicker upgrades but at town hall 8 and more, you will have a hard time keeping all of them busy because of the sheer cost of upgrades.

Moreover, it is best not to keep all your builders busy with long upgrades. This is because your storages will keep filling up (unless you stop looting, which you shouldn’t) and attackers will keep taking a lot of loot.

Meanwhile, a recent video was released were Supercell’s Jonas Collaros provides a valuable insight to fellow developers by showing the various challenges, pitfalls, problems and necessities they faced, while developing Clash of Clans. The primary goal is to share the various lessons the Supercell team learned when building this game and providing entertainment for all.

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