Kid Flash Becomes The New Speedster In The Flash Season 3, Season To Have A new Speeding Villain, Kevin Smith Set To Direct An Episode!

Ecumenical News has reported that there is speculation that the new speedster in the Flash Season 3 might also be Reverse-Flash aka Daniel West. The character of Reverse-Flash was first introduced in New 52 series of DC Comics a few years ago, and he was the villain there.

The comic book dealt with a story where Daniel wanted to go back in time to murder his father and Barry had to give his all to stop him. The story ended with Reverse Flash becoming a member of the Suicide Squad.

While there is a lot of anticipation on who the new villain is, there is one thing for sure, and that is Kid Flash is the speedster in The Flash Season 3. The character of Kid Flash was first introduced in 1959, and there are almost 60 years of history that the fans of the comic book can delve in to find out about his character. He works his way up to become one of the most popular heroes in the comic book series.

According to Yibada, The Flash Season 3 is going to have Kevin Smith directing an episode. Smith had previously directed an episode of Season 2, and he teased that he will be back in the director’s chair for the upcoming season. Smith teased that he is likely to direct the seventh episode of The Flash Season 3.

Smith went ahead to add that he wants to direct an episode of Supergirl Season 2 and will make sure that Barry Allen aka Flash makes a cameo there since they had an excellent chemistry last time there was a crossover.

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