Sleepy Hollow Season 4 To Continue Without Abbi Mills, Crane’s Move To A Bigger City Opens Up Possibilities, Casting For New Cast Members Is On!

The fans of Sleepy Hollow Season 4 are sad to see Nicole Beharie leave. She brought life to the character of Abbie Mills, but she will not be back for Season 4. When Ichabod Crane’s (Tim Mison) partner decided to end her life in an attempt to save the world, the fans were sure that the popular show has come to an end. However, they were surprised to hear that Fox had decided to renew Sleepy Hollow for Season 4.

The finale of Sleepy Hollow Season 3 saw Abbi sacrificing herself as one of the Witnesses to defeat the Hidden One. Her death shocked the viewers, but there are some rumors that this might not be the end to the character of Abbi Mills.

However, Clifton Campbell, the showrunner, has gone ahead to state that the death of Abbi Mills was a dramatic end to the show and that it was the perfect ending for the character of Mills.

Tim Mison revealed that he was saddened by the death of Mills. He said that Beharie’s character was one that the audience could connect to. When the fans enter the world of Sleepy Hollow, they usually follow the step that Abbi takes, and she becomes the guide for the viewers.

While there is a report of the show continuing without Beharie, the fans aren’t giving up on the hope that there is a chance of getting Abbi Mills back. Sleepy Hollow Season 4 is capable of the craziest of things and Mills’ reincarnation, or apparition is not something that they can write off the cards.

Apart from Nicole Beharie, Jessica Camacho, and Lance Gross are also going to stop being series regular on Sleepy Hollow Season 4. Lance Gross is the FBI head, Daniel Reynolds and he would play the role of Abbie Mills’ romantic partner. Camacho would play the role of Sophie Foster, who became interested in the supernatural because of things in her past.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will see Ichabod Crane leaving Sleepy Hollow, New York for Washington DC and hence Daniel Reynolds and Sophie Foster aren’t going to feature regularly in the show. Crane will have to start working with a new team in Washington D.C, where he will not have the ability to choose his team-mates.

Ichabod Crane is going to continue fighting the supernatural forces even after the death of his trusted partner, Abbie. The Christian Times has reported that Ichabod Crane is going to get a new partner for himself. Anna is a former officer in the military who is tough and can take charge of situations very quickly. She is also going to have a wry sense of humor and happens to be a single mother.

Apart from Anna, the team at Washington D.C that Ichabod Crane will work with is going to comprise of a research analyst who goes by the name Seth and Rosa, who is going to be the troubleshooter.

Apart from Anna, the fourth season of Sleepy Hollow is also going to bring in her 11-year-old daughter, Stella. Crane is going to meet Anna, his new partner at the Secret Service “Basement” in Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow.

Parent Herald has reported that the production for Sleepy Hollow Season 4 has already started but in spite of Ichabod Crane heading to Washington D.C the series is going to continue shooting in their usual location of Atlanta.