Kid Flash Becomes The New Speedster In The Flash Season 3, Season To Have A new Speeding Villain, Kevin Smith Set To Direct An Episode!

While the wait for The Flash Season 3 is on, the fans aren’t stopping their speculation on what can happen in the upcoming season. There is a rumor that the consequences of the action of the Season 2 finale can have an adverse impact on Barry (Grant Gustin). When the third season of The Flash returns, the fans are going to see Flash lose his speed from 700 mph to a mere single digit.

The second season of The Flash saw Flash defeat Zoom (Teddy Sears). Barry even went back in time to save his mother. This action of Flash is going to affect the present it makes it very clear that Kid Flash is now going to be the Kid Flash in the present.

This is going to have a huge impact, given that there is going to be another speedster who will join in to tear apart Central City in The Flash Season 3. The third season of The Flash is going to bring in Wally West, also known as Kid Flash, played by Keiynan Lonsdale. Apart from him, there is going to be a dark meta force which will be operational in Central City and Barry will have a hard time trying to control him.

There are various photos from sets of The Flash Season 3, which are circulating on the internet. One of the photos shows Barry Allen standing trying to understand what is happening between Kid Flash and the speeding villain who will be introduced in the upcoming season. There is a photo that shows Kid Flash in a dumpster, lying unconscious, which makes it very clear that the speedster is a force to reckon with in The Flash Season 3.

There have been photos of the new masked villain, but there is no guarantee who this new foe. While the character is unknown, there is information stating that the actor is playing the role of the speeding villain Todd Lasance, who has graced The Vampire Diaries and Spartacus previously.

According to Christian Today, the premiere episode of The Flash Season 3 is going to be called Flashpoint, and it refers to an important plot in the comic book. The plot hints at the story where Barry saves his mother but comes back to a present where he no longer has his powers and has to come to terms with life as an ordinary individual.

However, since Barry is going to be aware of the different timelines, there is a chance that he might again try and change the course of time and alter the present. The change in the timeline is not only going to bring in Kid Flash, but Central City will have to deal with a notorious speeding villain, who according to Comic Book Movie is the Black Racer.

According to the DC Comics, Black Racer is death and goes after speedsters who have avoided death in more than one instance. There is speculation that the Black Racer is on the look-out for Barry Allen, since fans are aware that Barry has cheated death quite a lot of times as the Flash, by changing the course of history.