Kerbal Space Program Allows Players To Enjoy Space Program Administration And Flight Simulation, Packed With Easy To Understand Tutorials, Can Be A Challenging Game To Play

Metro reported that the Kerbal Space Program had been finished for PC only in May this year after it left the beta mode. The game has seen numerous updates since then, and they are likely to keep coming. The PS 4 version of the game has been released in the USA, but it has been delayed in Europe. The Xbox One version has luckily not seen a similar fate.

According to IGN, the Kerbal Space Program in PS 4 is akin to that in PC. The only difference is in the controls, where in the PS4 individual buttons acquire different functions when they are used with other controls. Since Kerbal Space Program is a PC port, the game makes the players use the left joystick as a mouse cursor.

The players need to keep in mind that when they are in the mouse mode, they can hover over different things and hit circle to examine the object closely, or try and upgrade it and select different settings by toggling.

Players of Kerbal Space Program will have to accept that they are going to fail a lot while playing the game. The game is tough, and they can learn the different aspects by making mistakes and exploring.

Just like a real space program needs to go through some unsuccessful endeavors to finally be successful, the same will be experienced by the players in Kerbal Space Program.

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