Kawata Explains What Resident Evil 7 Has to Offer, To be Similar to the Classic Resident Evil in First-Person Setting!

The developers are separating all the aspects into different titles so that gameplay is the most focused. The upcoming game will clearly not be another gun fest. The developers are trying to create a claustrophobic setting which involves puzzle-solving and exploration. It also involves combat to get your heart pumping. To EG, Nakanishi said that the game is survival horror.

Moreover, it will be quite exciting to play the game in VR. Franchise fans will love the direction that Capcom decided to take, in this new installment. The game comes in first person and is a major departure from other titles in the series.

You will be forgiven if at first glance, you think it is Outlast or PT instead of a traditional Resident Evil title. It is indeed a departure from earlier games in this series. This is great news for people who love psychological thrillers.

According to Jessica Conditt of Engadget, she felt a growing discomfort within her chest and stomach while searching the house in the Resident Evil teaser. According to her, she never got sick playing a VR game before and it didn’t matter how long she was wearing the headset. With Resident Evil 7, things were quite different.

When asked about the similarity with PT, Kawata said that they were developing Resident Evil 7 before PT existed. When PT came out, they hit the realization that PT developers decided to go for first-person as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on Resident Evil 7!