Kawata Explains What Resident Evil 7 Has to Offer, To be Similar to the Classic Resident Evil in First-Person Setting!

At Sony’s press conference, when the screen suddenly went dark and the popular Resident Evil logo appeared, gamers found it hard to believe that the incredibly scary, fast-paced first person trailer that they witnessed, belong to Resident Evil 7.

It is the latest installment of gaming’s longest running horror series and over the recent years, it has grown into a more blockbuster action franchise. It was exhilarating and exciting for fans to see a modern game horror that is highly dedicated to sheer horror.

The trailer managed to do this without a single gun or zombie in view. Sadly, it was later learnt that this trailer will not be a part of the real game.  It was nothing but a playable teaser.

The producer of Resident Evil, Masachika Kawata, talked about the full experience before the game launches in January next year. Kawata said that if we look at the trailer, we will find a lot of images that were taken from the main game.

The demo released on the PlayStation Network solely focuses on the atmosphere in Resident Evil 7. It doesn’t showcase a lot of other elements, present in the game. Combat is one of the most important gameplay elements that were not showcased in the trailer.

In the final game, there will be a lot of elements, involving combat and gun action. He tantalizingly added that it would be preferable for players to run in certain cases and avoid combat altogether. They could also use certain items against their enemies through a different approach.

When asked about the first-person setting of the teaser, Kawata revealed that the final Resident Evil 7 game is first-person as well. According to him, it was decided that first-person was the way to go if they wanted to present horror to a gamer. When you confront the enemy, it will be like there is no barrier between them.

The same concept applies to all sorts of exploration, traps and others. With a first-person gameplay, you can get up close and personal with everything. Resident Evil 7 is clearly a major departure from games like Resident Evil 5 and 6.

When asked about it, Kawata said that one of the driving factors behind this game was consumer desires.  The consumers told them that they wish to return to horror and were quite serious about it. He said that it is much more refreshing from a creative standpoint, if the game is more focused and easy to understand.

Meanwhile, Koushi Nakanishi told IGN that the final game will feature a combat, puzzle solving and resource management. They are all in the game. With the teaser demo, the developer tried to focus on the return of horror to this franchise. The gamers started thinking that horror was going away from the Resident Evil series, over the past few years.

The teaser clearly declares that horror is coming back and that too, in a big way. Gamers have already received clues to an axe, in the teaser. The game will include traditional gameplay elements like an inventory.

During a recent stream, Capcom clearly declared that the teaser is not a part of the main title. Moreover, Resident Evil 7 will be set in the same universe as the previous games.

You can stop expecting another Hollywood-reminiscent Blockbuster scenario with this game. Nakanishi said to Eurogamer that if anyone has a ‘bloodlust for holding a gun’, he or she needs to check out Umbrella Corps.