Apple iOS 10 Unveiled at WWDC, A Quick Look at Some New Features of The OS, Will Allow Users to Remove Stock Apps!

Apple unveiled the iOS 10 at the WWDC 2016. The latest version of iOS from the house of Apple packs a number of upgrades over its predecessors. Reports indicate that the iOS 10 will enable all the apps in a device to run faster and more efficiently than before.

Apple stated that the iOS 10 will solve the problem of ‘dropping frames’. It is often seen that when a user scrolls through the contents of an app quite fast, the app fails to keep up with the scrolling speed and it seems to jitter. This is called ‘dropping frames.’

It was revealed by Apple that the main reason behind this is the fact that the content is loaded by the app just before it is shown on screen. However, the new iOS will make sure that the content is loaded beforehand and thus when auser will scroll through them, the content will appear seamlessly on screen without any hiccups.

It was also reported that users will be able to remove stock apps in iOS 10. This function was not available in previous iOS versions and users have been requesting Apple to incorporate this feature in the iOS for a long time. Looks like their prayers have been answered.

The option to remove the app comes by long pressing it. However, it should be remembered that the app is not actually deleted from the phone by the process. Instead, the icon is removed from the home screen and the hooks and user data pertaining to it are also removed. It will allow users to make their home screen clutter free.

Some of the apps that can be removed by this process includes- Calculator, Maps, Mail, iBooks, Home, Calendar, Contacts, Compass, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Music, News, Notes, Podcast, FaceTime, Find My Friends, News, Watch app, Weather, Stocks, Tips, Voice Memos, Reminders and Videos.

Whenever an app is removed, it will stop functioning within the phone. It can be easily restored by users by heading into the App Store. Once there, users will have to search for the app that they want to be restored. Doing so will show the app and users will be able to bring it back to the homescreen by simply clicking the cloud link to it.

The developer preview of Apple iOS 10 has already been released by the Cupertino-based company. A public beta will also be released in the oncoming month. Reports indicate that a host of enhancements will be incorporated into a device by the new OS.

Some of the things that will be upgraded by the new OS includes- Siri, Lock screen, QuickType, HomeKit, Phone, Messages, Photos, Music, Maps, and News.

By making use of the new HomeKit, users will be able to control their home environment in a more effective manner. The functionality of voicemail transcription will also be incorporated by iOS 10. The new OS also comes with an improved support for VoIP apps.

The Messaging app will be induced with some new features and one of them being the invisible ink. This feature will especially come in handy for users in public.

It actually blurs the text or images being used in the message so that another person in close vicinity is not able to read or see it. The aspect of Emoji will also get an upgrade through the new OS.

A feature called the Create PDF will be introduced to the device with the new OS. This feature will enable users to create PDF files from the print panel. This feature is already existent on the Mac platform and now Apple has brought it to iOS.