Apple iOS 10 Unveiled at WWDC, A Quick Look at Some New Features of The OS, Will Allow Users to Remove Stock Apps!

Another new feature of the OS is the AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon. The feature will allow users to establish a better connection among their iOS devices and printers. Apple is of the opinion that it will remove the problems of network complexities and ensure a smoother and hassle free connection.

This feature will also include the functionality of username/password protected printing for extra security. A multi-user printing setup can also be used by users on a single device.

A renowned website reports that the introduction of iOS 10 could lead to 40 percent of iPads becoming obsolete. It has already been announced by Apple that the iOS 10 will not be supported on the first-generation iPad mini,iPad 2 and iPad 3. Any other Apple device powered by the Apple A5 processor will also not support the new OS

This will reportedly lead to a declin ein the sales of the iPads that will not support the OS. 40 percent of the total iPads are likely to become obsolete because of the iOS 10.

iOS 10 will be available as a free update to users with devices that will support it. No specific details regarding the release date for the new OS is available as of yet. The iPhone 7 is likely to be the first iPhone that will arrive with iOS 10 out of the box.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iOS 10.