Katy Perry: Met Gala Dressed Sued For Copyright Infringement, Avoids Orlando Bloom, Poses With Selena Gomez!

It is no secret that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift used to be friends, but they fell apart over a row with their backup dancers. Taylor Swift used her girl army from the industry to show her power in the music video for Bad Blood; a song that talks about Katy Perry’s betrayal.

Taylor is very picky about who she is friends with and Selena Gomez enjoys the privilege of being her best friend. However, things between the two seemed to have become bad after Selena Gomez was photographed posing for photos with Katy Perry during the Golden Globes after party.

According to Hollywood Life the photographers who are around, usually pair the celebrities. The celebrities all hang out together in the VIP section so that they can get some privacy away from the other partygoers. This means that there is little choice in who you can be seen hanging out with.

In Touch Weekly has reported that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift is mature enough to understand that taking photos with someone doesn’t qualify as being friends with them. Reports suggest that Taylor Swift doesn’t tell Selena Gomez who she can hang out with. The two are simply best of friends, but they don’t control each other’s life.

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