Katy Perry: Met Gala Dressed Sued For Copyright Infringement, Avoids Orlando Bloom, Poses With Selena Gomez!

Remember Katy Perry’s beautiful dress at the Metropolitan Gala last year? Well, the dress that had been designed by Moschino designer Jeremy Scott has been slapped with a copyright infringement case. There have been reports back in November that a Brooklyn based artist called Jeremy Tierney has filed the case.

Jeremy Scott had denied the suit after stating that Katy Perry’s dress for the Met Gala was designed by an independent artist and there is no justification in the argument that states that Jeremy Scott had any role in manipulating the designs made by Tierney.

However, after meeting both the parties, the Los Angeles court has decided that the copyright infringement case should be allowed to go ahead because it is hard to believe that the celebrity fashion designer wouldn’t give his contribution or tamper with the designs used for making celebrity clothes.

This decision by US District Judge Stephen Wilson hands over the first victory to Tierney, who also goes by the name Rime. Tierney had stated that the Moschino designer had used his mural called the Vandal Eyes for the dress that Katy Perry had worn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The next hearing is in May and the fate of Scott will be decided then.

While Katy Perry’s dress has become the matter of courtroom battles, she herself has been focusing on something else. There was a rumor that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were getting a little too close to each other during the Golden Globes after parties organized by Harvey Weinstein and Netflix. While this had started a lot of rumor mills, it looks like things didn’t work out very well between the two.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were expected to be a part of Stella McCartney’s 2016 autumn presentation in L.A and the media was hoping that they could get a glimpse of something between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. However. what happened was the complete opposite.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom completely avoided each other, at least in the public. While Katy Perry arrived at the Amoeba Music for the event before Orlando Bloom, she immediately went to Nicole Ritchie and seemed to have a great time.

Orlando Bloom came some time later and was four to five aisles away from Katy Perry. Page Six has reported that Orlando Bloom did try to head over to where Katy Perry was. Orlando went over to her and hugged her. While Orlando Bloom was being flirtatious Katy Perry looked like she was trying to avoid him.

The two parted ways and weren’t spotted together for the rest of the night. Thereafter Orlando Bloom spent the evening chatting with Dave Grohl and Beck. The fans felt very disappointed with the fact that the Grammy award winner and the Hollywood A-lister couldn’t seem to work things out between them.

E! Online states that the main reason why Katy Perry seems to be hot and cold towards Orlando Bloom is because she still has feelings for John Mayer. The two have been dating on and off continuously and Katy Perry is all set to make things work out with him. The two were recently spotted at Disneyland together.

The Stella McCartney event might not have turned out so well for Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, but it was very popular with stars like Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pamela Anderson, Ringo Starr, Anjelica Huston, Kate Upton, Kelly Osbourne and others present there. Pink performed a soulful new song for the event and so did Brian Wilson.