Justin Bieber Cancels Special Date Planned for Selena Gomez, 12-Year-Old Sends Her the Best Chat Up Line!

Selena Gomez recently appeared at BBC Radio 1 and she was treated to the best chat up lines that the viewers had sent in for her. DJ Cell Spellman made her listen to the best of the lot out of the whole lot of entries that they had received and guess who caught Selena Gomez’s attention?

It was a 12-year-old boy named Max who asked her if she was Google, since she was all that he was searching for. Selena Gomez was delighted after hearing the line and said that she was in hysterics and couldn’t believe that it was a 12-year-old who had sent in the line.

Selena Gomez said that she was highly impressed and the DJ informed the fans that Selena Gomez was blushing to which she added that she was flustered. She said that she wished that Max was over 18 years. There were many other entries that made Selena Gomez laugh out, while there were some that were made her feel downright creepy.

Fans are hoping that they get some update on what’s happening in Selena Gomez’s personal life. Is she going back to Bieber or is she with Taylor Swift’s brother?Visit the page for more news on Selena Gomez.